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new sex tips ^_^

Handy Tips on Sex ^_^

1. Touch your partner as if you are touching yourself. This means feeling the touch at both the parts of the body: one, touching and the other, being touched that we do when we touch ourselves. Similarly, if you are touching the lips of your partner with your lips, do not limit yourself to the sensation in your lips only but try to feel, imaginatively, the sensation in your partner's lips as well.

2. Touch your partner as if he/she is touching you. This means switching the roles on the experiential level of being. You will be astonished to note that your aggressive actions of touching are automatically being replaced with the relaxed passive feelings of being touched (by yourself!).

3. Touch your partner with a feather touch. The feather touch is the most sensitive touch, for both—one who is touching and the one who is being touched.

Take note that at times we feel that ours is the lightest touch, although it is not. So always ask yourself the question, "Is this the lightest I can touch my partner?" If not, make it still lighter.

4. Kiss your partner with a feather kiss. The feather kiss is the most sensuous kiss.

5. Listen to every sound your partner makes. Take note that listening is different from hearing. Listening has an element of attention in it that hearing does not necessarily have.

6. Keep the lights subdued and unfiltered so that the shadows are prominent. Bright, filtered, and shadowless lights take away the third dimension of depth out of your vision which is so important for sexual appreciation.

7. Make your touches and kisses innovative and at the uncommon parts of the partner's body. No part of the body is less important than any other part.

8. Let the partner decide his/her own pace in the foreplay. Do not dictate your own terms only.

9. Do not fantasize of some other partner while in bed with one. This is the mistake the majority of the population makes to their own detriment.

10. Try to feel the sexual sensations of your partner as you are feeling yours. This is the most effective feeling that turns one on. This is the thing that, if successfully done, has the capacity to keep you young even when you go old!

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hope its useful
-Angel aka stephi
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